Top Lottery Betting Sites That You Need To Check In 2024

List of Online Lottery Sites as of July 2024

Rank Betting Sites Bonus Claim

Daman Lottery

Free Sign Up Bonus Up To Rs.5000

18+T&C apply,


24kbet Lottery

Get a 30% Welcome Bonus upto INR 3,000 · INR 1000 Loyalty Sign-In Bonus.

18+T&C apply,


7inr Lottery

Get a 30% Welcome Bonus upto INR 3,000

18+T&C apply,


BigDaddy Lottery

Get Bonus- Rs 60 Rs1000

18+T&C apply,


Fast Win Lottery

Register To Get ₹20 Bonus + Earn Up To ₹200 Weekly Bonus

18+T&C apply,


91club Lottery


18+T&C apply,


Tiranga Lottery

Get ₹800 Sign Up Bonus

18+T&C apply,


Dream99 Lottery

Get 120 INR as a Registration Bonus

18+T&C apply,


TC Lottery

Get Free ₹600 Sign Up Bonus.

18+T&C apply,


82 Lottery

₹77 Rs Free Guaranteed Bonus + Earn ₹5000 Daily

18+T&C apply,

Choosing Your Online Lottery Site - The Ultimate Guide In 2024

Top Lottery Betting Sites That You Need To Check



What is a lottery betting site?

A lottery betting site allows users to bet on the outcome of official lottery draws worldwide. Instead of purchasing a ticket, users place a bet on the numbers they think will be drawn, with the site matching the prize payouts of the official lottery.

Are lottery betting sites legal?

The legality of lottery betting sites varies by jurisdiction. In some regions, these sites operate under specific licenses that allow them to offer betting on lottery outcomes. Before engaging, users should verify applicable local regulations.

How do lottery betting sites work?

Users select numbers for specific lottery draws and place bets on them through the site. Suppose their numbers match those drawn in the official lottery. In that case, the site pays out winnings equivalent to the prize tier of the actual lottery.

What are the advantages of using lottery betting sites?

Lottery betting sites offer access to international lotteries that may be available elsewhere. They provide flexibility, allowing users to bet on individual numbers or participate in multiple draws. Additionally, users can potentially win larger payouts due to the fixed-odds betting system employed by these sites.

Can I trust lottery betting sites?

Trustworthiness varies by site. Find reputable sites with positive user reviews, secure payment methods, and proper licensing. Sites that adhere to regulatory standards typically provide transparent information about payouts and terms.

How are winnings paid out on lottery betting sites?

Winnings are typically credited directly to the user's account on the site. For larger prizes, some sites may arrange to collect winnings in person or facilitate the transfer to a bank account.

What are the risks of using lottery betting sites?

Users participating in lottery betting sites are typically not eligible for official lottery prizes or benefits. There is a potential risk with unregulated sites withholding winnings or operating fraudulently. Moreover, legal uncertainties exist in some jurisdictions regarding the operation and legality of these sites.

Are there bonuses or promotions offered by lottery betting sites?

Many lottery betting sites offer bonuses such as welcome offers, free bets, or discounts on multiple draws. These promotions can vary widely, so it's advisable to read the terms and conditions before participating.